Iranian Students who study in their final semester or have graduated and have problem to pay education fees of European Universities, can use to free studying in Norway universities for the fall semester 2012.

Note: education is still free for any student in Finland and Norway universities and only, students should be able to afford their living expenses during their study. Even Students can pay living expenses by Fellowship if they be success to use grants education of some these universities. One of Norway's most famous universities which have special reputation in Engineering and Medicine Science, in the student city ("Trondheim") is northern Norway that its name is NTNU or Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Short and useful about NTNU city and university

According to statistics, 85 percent of engineering graduated in Norway are graduate from NTNU. NTNU University is one of the most European research centers in science different fields that including Marine technology, telecommunications and engineering. The University is in the Trondheim city.
it has 20,000 students which more than 1000 of them is international students. Trondheim that is Norway's third largest city has more than 160 thousand people and almost of six people one person is student.

Working part time and full time during the study in Norway

You as an international student accepted at one of the universities in Norway have legal permission to work part-time only 20 hours per week. You can work full-time only in summer, Christmas and Easter. Finding part-time work and incomes of these part-time jobs, more than Sweden but Expenses in Norway is more than Sweden then incomes only use in living compared.

Some employment sites in Norway are below:



Be careful to find work, first register your resume in top sites and update it periodically. Knowledge Norwegian language great helps to find works.

Average cost of living in Norway

Average cost of living for international student considering has normal student life (including the cost of rent, travel, books, eats and Food and ...) should be between 1200 to 1600 Euros each month.